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Friends of St Leonard's

Everyone Needs a Friend Even Your Village Church

Do you like to see the church standing at the heart of the village? You may not feel the need to go regularly but you like to know it's there - for Christmas, for weddings, baptisms and funerals - and even just because its lovely to have a pretty church in the middle of the village.

St Leonards

Have you ever thought about the cost of maintaining it?

You may not know that the church relies on the money raised through the local community - the weekly collections, fundraising activities and donations - to pay for its upkeep. Of course, there are other pulls on this money too, but maintenance of the fabric of the church building and churchyard is very expensive and in 2008 it cost over £5,500 to complete essential repairs. Next year it may be even more, but you do expect it to be there - in case you need it - don't you?

Who are the Friends?

A group has been set up called The Friends of St Leonard's. The group's objective is to raise funds by means of an annual subscription in order to maintain the fabric of the church, its surroundings and appropriate projects. The funds raised will be completely separate from the money needed to run a church from the ecclesiastical side. The proposed subscription is £5 per annum but if anyone wishes to donate more, this would be gratefully received.

We are hoping that anyone with an interest in preserving the church would be happy to support this scheme. You don't have to belong to the Church or attend regularly. You could have a different faith or, indeed, no faith. We are looking for support from anyone who wishes to help keep the village church as a focal point in Woodcote.

What can I do?

Please pause for a moment and consider how much you value your church in this village and perhaps you would like to do something practical to help preserve it.

If you would like to become a ‘A Friend of St Leonard's’ an application form is available to download here - friendsofstleonards.pdf.

If you would like to know more about the group, or indeed offer any help, please contact : Barbara Penniall on 01491 681449.

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