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Village Welcome Pack

I have always found Woodcote to be a very friendly village, with many activities, interests and definitely not a place you could ever be bored or lonely. However, for someone just moving into Woodcote - how do you find out what is going on? There is plenty of information available (the Village Directory, the monthly Correspondent) but I thought it would be helpful to collate everything into a single source of information, and like Topsy, it has grown!

I am therefore providing this pack, which contains:

  • Village Directory
  • A Village Appraisal
  • List of useful suppliers
  • Portrait of a South Chiltern Village
  • History of St Leonard's
  • St Leonard's Church service times
  • A bus timetable
  • Coffee Shop information
  • Windmill Sales information
  • Community Centre leaflet
  • CAB leaflet
  • Library leaflet
  • What's on at St Leonard's
  • List of useful telephone numbers
  • Babysitting information
  • Information about the Volunteers
  • Information about the Lions
  • A welcoming letter from Revd Linda Smith, the Vicar of St Leonard's Church

This Welcome Pack is available to anyone moving into the Village for the first time. It is completely free and the folder has been paid for out of Windmill Sale funds, I collate and provide the contents as part of St Leonard's outreach program.

Packs are available from the library and the health centre. If you have difficulty obtaining a pack please contact me at bpenniall@gmail.com or on 01491 681449.

Many Thanks

Barbara Penniall

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