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Windmill Sales

Why do we sell Windmills in Woodcote?

Actually we don't - they are recycling sales.

The name is a pun on windmill sails going round.

Windmill Logo

Windmill Sales are Nearly New Sales of children's games, toys, nursery equipment, maternity and children's clothes. Items are sold on the basis of 75% to the donor and 25% given to a different cause each time. In each of these four sales we take in around 3,000 items, all of which are sorted, categorized and details put on computer in case labels become detached or the donor might be willing to take an offer.

If you would like to enter items into the sale, then the first step is to collect a Windmill list which is available about three weeks before each Sale. Complete the form as instructed, then bring the labelled items to the Woodcote Village Hall on the Thursday night preceding the Sale between 8 and 10pm.

The next step is, of course, to come along to the Sale between 8am and 12 noon and replace your outgrown toys or clothes with the appropriate size. Grandparents - it is such a performance for a Mum to visit for a day with all the paraphernalia associated with a young child. Why not invest in a spare cot, playpen, highchair or buggy - all at an extremely low price, I promise, and because you will look after these items and only use them very occasionally, you can then put them back into a Windmill Sale in a few months time and get a similar price for them - and of course buy that little bike for the garden or a few toys or books to keep your visitors amused.

A small Committee of volunteers organise and run the Sales and all the money raised is used to help either a group in Woodcote or make improvements to the village in some way. The Windmill Sales were started 25 years ago and since then over £56,000 has been given back to the village.

Over the years we have supported, amongst other causes, the Health Centre, St Leonard's Church, the Village Hall, Community Centre, the Youth Club, Langtree and Woodcote Primary Schools, both Pre School Groups, Mothers and Toddlers, the Cricket Club and the Laurels Club. In addition, special projects have included funding a Youth Worker for a year, paying for the publication of a book on the history of Woodcote, helping to set up and pay for the administration of the Citizen's Advice Bureau and a Welcome Pack, full of helpful information for all new residents to Woodcote.

Dates for 2018 are 4th May, 21st September and 7th December.
For information contact Barbara Penniall on 01491 681449 or bpenniall@globalnet.co.uk

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