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The latest issue of the Woodcote Correspondent is available to download here.

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Selected photographs on this website courtesy of Alan Copeland.

Woodcote Correspondent

Downloadable Issues

January 2019 (PDF format. approx. 2.4 megabytes)

December 2018 (PDF format. approx. 13.0 megabytes)

November 2018 (PDF format. approx. 10.0 megabytes)

October 2018 (PDF format. approx. 2.3 megabytes)

September 2018 (PDF format. approx. 10.4 megabytes)

August 2018 (PDF format. approx. 9.4 megabytes)

The village's monthly magazine, The Woodcote Correspondent, is now well into its twenty fifth successive year of publication. Edited, produced and distributed by volunteers from the village, it is an A4 sized publication, running at 28 pages. Each issue includes colour photographs of people and events which have taken place in Woodcote, or nearby.

Woodcote Correspondent

The Woodcote Correspondent covers its costs from advertising and sometimes donates some of its surpluses to village causes. It is a free paper and, in addition to Woodcote, the magazine also reaches all households in the neighbouring hamlets of Exlade Street and Crays Pond.

How can I include an article?

The editor is Martin Fowmes, and articles for inclusion can be emailed to him at wood-co@runbox.com. The deadline for receipt of copy is the 12th of the month preceding the month of publication, although earlier submissions are warmly welcomed, as they greatly reduce deadline pressures.

How can I place an advertisement?

If you would like to advertise in the Woodcote Correspondent, please note the following:

We have two types of advertisement,
1. a Small Ad - three lines of text (the first couple of words are in bold); these appear on the back page with all the other small ads in a box,
2. a Boxed (or Display) Ad; various standard sizes are available up to ¼ page; may contain pictures and text; usually surrounded by a black border,

Your first step is to email your enquiry or requirements to wood-co@runbox.com; your email will be answered by our Advertising Manager, Claire Jones. She will send you our current price list, terms and conditions and instructions for setting out your advertisement in our house style. The instructions are for creating an ad using Microsoft Word (which is what we use to set out the magazine for printing), but we can usually use one of the standard picture formats (jpeg, png, gif, etc) or a pdf. Your ad should be returned to the same email address, fao Dan Oldfield (the Production Manager). Once you have decided the size and how many insertions you want, we will send you an invoice. Please allow enough time to complete and pay for your ad by the deadline of the 12th, as we do insist on payment in advance.

Contact Us

Please use email wood-co@runbox.com to communicate with the Advertising Manager, Production Manager or Editor. If you have a problem with email, Claire is on 01491 680955.

The magazine is edited, produced and distributed by volunteers.

This website is funded by Woodcote Parish Council. If you would like to contribute or update any part of the site please contact the webmaster - web@woodcote-online.co.uk.