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Neighbourhood Plan

On Thu April 3rd 2014 Woodcote voted Yes

The Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan has been accepted by the Woodcote residents, with a resounding 91% voting Yes, and a 60% turnout. This represents the highest turnout for any plan to date - thanks go to all the Woodcote residents who turned out to Vote

Thank You

What Happens Next?

Each of the sites will now submit detailed planning proposals for the required dwellings and the mix (90% of 3,2 or 1 bedroom) taking in to account the Neighbourhood plan policies such as 1 parking space per bedroom and adhering to the Chilterns design guide. All proposals will be scrutinesd by the parish council, and will be publicly viewable on the SODC planning website.

Draft Plan Allocated sites map

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Latest News

Woodcote vote Yes for the Neighbourhood plan - 91% voted Yes with a 60% turnout. Thank You All for Voting


The application for 10 dwellings at Goats Gambol has been Refused with the draft plan being cited as the first reason for refusal (this site was not recommended in our plan). Our draft plan continues to have the desired effect, but this only becomes permanent if the plan receives a Yes vote on April 3rd.


The Referendum date is set for Thursday April 3rd 2014. The examiner has taken into account all comments during the consultation period(s) and has recommended some minor modifications. These have been completed, and the referendum version of the plan is ready. The 5 sites and 76 dwellings remain unchanged. If the plan is adopted further sites (above 3 homes) will be against our plan until at least 2027, and as such should not be permitted.


All of the 400+ comments have been analysed and the plan amended accordingly. This new version of the plan has been submitted to SODC where their consultation period will begin. The consultation report, maps and this version of the plan are all available in the Library and Parish Counci office from September 2nd 2013


Woodcote Parish Council is pleased to announce the Village's Consultation period has now concluded. Work on analysing the responses, and amending the plan accordingly has started.


2013 Annual Parish meeting presentations available now


The Village Consultation on the plan has started and concludes Monday June 10th.


We've digested the information from the February event, and have been writing the draft plan. Landowners intentions have been confirmed, and conditions (with the best interests of the village at heart) have been agreed. We're now finalising the draft plan ready for its presentation at the Village Hall on 23rd April 2013.


The reports from the February 2013 event and the ORCC Housing Survey are now available


Over 300 survey results completed. Thank you to all who came. Work now begins on digesting the information from the surveys and preparing the final draft of the plan, hopefully in time for the Annual Parish Meeting in April 2013. Next Plan meeting is Tue 19th Feb 2013.


Tue 5th Feb & Sat 9th Feb - Final Consultation. Your chance to see and comment on the sites that best meet the villages criteria.


As 2012 draws to a close, we have included a paper version of the 'Living in the Village' survey in the Woodcote Correspondent. We also have an electronic version - results will be displayed in the Town Hall event in February 2013


We've met several times in October and November. Our main activities have involved finalising the site selection criteria, designing a ‘Living in the Village’ survey (coming in January 2013) and beginning preparations for our next Townhall event in February 2013.


The Advisory Group met on Sept 11th. The group will be contacting the remaining landowners on the SHLAA to complete the list of land available, and the contact details of all landowners. We will meet on the 25th to update.

Our Scoping Report is now also available


Workshops on the 7th and 10th of July were held in the village hall. Fruitful discussions and interesting voting took place. The next time the Advisory Group will meet is July 31st


The Advisory Group met on Thursday 31st May & again on Thursday 14th June

It was confirmed that around 250 ORCC surveys had been returned representing around 25% of the village. Final counts and the statistical analysis will follow in August

Preparations for the upcoming Workshops are ongoing. The format is agreed and the Village Hall booked

Next meeting is on July 5th - final preparations for the workshops on the 7th & 10th


The Advisory Group met on Thursday 17th May

ORCC Questionnaires were given to all members to distribute no later than June 5th

The landowners of all potential sites will be identified and contacted to establish whether their site is available for inclusion. Many landowners have already been spoken to, but some potential sites remain unaccounted for.

An updated Plan Process has been designed.

We also discussed Site Design (or Housing Design) - essentially what type of homes and what ownership models can be used.

The Draft Criteria had one item added.

Next meeting will be on May 31st discussing the upcoming Workshops on July 7th and 10th.


The Advisory Group met on Tuesday April 24th. The main progress made was on

1. Clairification on the Questions in the ORCC Housing Survey that will be delivered to every house in the village in June

2. Agreeing the first Draft Criteria to ascertain which sites in the village are suitable in pricipal for development.

Next Meeting will be Thursday 17th May at 19:30


The Advisory Group met on Thursday April 12th 2012. The main items discussed were

The draft process to get us to a draft plan.

To refine the site criteria into something more practical and presentable.

We will be working over the next week or so to get the site criteria into a draft that some of our more experienced planning volunteers can look over.

Next Meeting will be Tuesday 24th April at 19:30


The Advisory Group met on March 22nd @ 7:30PM at the CO-OP. We are putting together the next phase of workshops and events, along with a draft process to get us to a draft plan.

We are also pushing to meet with all landowners to obtain an initial completed site list

We did the prize draw, and the two main prize winners were:

Woody Nook voucher for 2 won by Dot Knox

Case of Heineken won by Brian Page

Next meeting will be Thursday April 12th - 7:30PM.

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