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March Drop In Event - Summary

The event held on March 10th was a great success for the village. We were unsure as to how many Woodcote residents would attend. As it turned out over 400 people came - the event was busy from 10am until well after 2PM when we finished. Thank you to all who came.

We received 230 completed questionnaires which allows us to put together some statistics and a report. This gives us a strong steer (when combined with the previous village appraisals and the Parish Plan) as to what type of sites and housing development would be acceptable to the residents of Woodcote.

Our MP John Howell came to the event, as did several members of South Oxfordshire council. All comments were positive about the format and information put across at the event.

We learned that the majority of people attending the event were over 35. We would be keen to understand from the under 35 residents of the village any thoughts or views on the Neighbourhood Plan, and if there is a workshop or event that would be easier to attend.


Question 3 I would prefer to see development on one large greenfield site
Observations There is overwhelming opposition to putting the entire Core Strategy housing requirement onto one site.
This response has to be viewed alongside those to Questions 4 and 5.
Site preference
Data Number of respondents: 230
Strongly Against 80&percent; 183
More Against than in Favour 9&percent; 20
More in Favour than Against 4&percent; 10
Strongly in Favour 2&percent; 4
No Answer 6&percent; 13
Comments The data in this question can be presented as a ‘stacked bar’. In this the whole bar length represents 100&percent; of those who answered. Stacked Bar Site preference
Question 4 I would prefer to see development limited to 2 or 3 large sites with 20 to 25 houses
Observations Opinion here reinforces the opposition (expressed in Question 3) to large scale development
Medium Site Preference
Strongly Against 29&percent; 66
More Against than in Favour 36&percent; 82
More in Favour than Against 16&percent; 37
Strongly in Favour 9&percent; 21
No Answer 10&percent; 24
Total 230
The stacked bars for Questions 3 and 4 show how opinion moves towards the smaller developments - although there is still substantial opposition. Site Stacked bar
Question 5 I would prefer to limit development to small sites with a maximum of 10 houses
Observations This completes the picture painted by the responses to Questions 3 and 4 and suggests that people want:
No development to be larger than 25 houses with, ideally, developments to be smaller than that - 10 houses.
Small Site 
Strongly Against 4&percent; 9
More Against than in Favour 8&percent; 18
More in Favour than Against 32&percent; 73
Strongly in Favour 51&percent; 117
No Answer 6&percent; 13
Total 100&percent; 230
The stacked bars for Questions 3, 4 and 5 show opinion firmly in favour of the smaller sites.
.Large vs Small site preference

Site size Conclusion

1 large site is not acceptable. Meeting the requirement with a series of sites of around 10 houses is preferred but a site of say 25 houses with the balance from smaller sites is still generally acceptable, depending on location in the village

Sat 7th July 10-11:30 AM & Tue 10th July 7:30-9PM

Site Criteria workshops were held on the above dates, and produced some interesting results. In all over 60 people attended and were able to gather both new criteria, and preferences for which criteria are most important

In early July two open workshops were held in the Village hall to help identify those factors that the village would like to use to determine where development might go. This is important because we know that the SODC Core Strategy will mean more houses for Woodcote and an open, objective, set of criteria developed by those living here, will help determine the most acceptable, or perhaps the least unacceptable, potential sites.

In all over 50 Participants attended, and were asked to volunteer site selection criteria which were then consolidated and put to the vote. Over both workshops there was strong support for choosing:

  • brownfield sites;
  • small sites;
  • sites inside the village envelope; and
  • sites that did not add to existing traffic problems.

which echoes the views expressed at the March exhibition. An Overview report from the event is available.

Site Selection Criteria

From the July 2012 Workshops and during several subsequent meetings, the Site Selection Criteria has been modified into two broad areas

Subjective Criteria

These are the Criteria which best meet the villages wishes. The main Criteria Areas are

  • Sites that are smaller (30 homes or less)
  • Develop Brownfield First
  • Sites with Good Pedestrian access, and that do not make traffic hot spots worse
  • Sites within the village Envelope (i.e. Not extending into open Countryside)
  • Sites with Low Landscape Impact

It is impossible to select only sites that score maximum in all the above areas, since none exist. However some sites score better than others, and it is this scoring that allows a shortlist to be arrived at.

The February Drop in event allows the Advisory Group to assess the feedback of how the shortlisted sites have been arrived at to ensure the wishes of the majority of the village have been listened to, and implemented where possible. Only after this feedback has been assessed will the sites be selected and the plan written, for handover to the Parish Council.

Show Stoppers

There is a large list of 'showstoppers' - e.g. Archeological or Environmental special significance, unclear ownership and access etc. These fall under planning law, and as such can prevent a site from being selected. During the process, landowners have declared their sites free from showstoppers, but the planning process caters for further checks to guarantee this.

Feb 2013 Drop in Event(s)

Thank you to everyone who came and spent the time filling out the opinion forms at the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation event held on Tuesday 5th February from 19:30 to 21:30 and repeated on Saturday 9th February from 10:00 to 15:00

We received nearly 300 responses, and these responses have helped determine the draft plan. A report about the event is now available.

In the last 2 years the planning process has shifted. Development applications are now viewed with a presumption in favour of approval. This means controversial sites in Woodcote that were previously rejected could be re-submitted, and possibly now approved.

Woodcotes' Neighbourhood Plan will protect Woodcote from opportunistic, unwanted development, because any larger development proposals not in our plan cannot be approved.

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