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Referendum - Thursday 3rd April 2014

An important safeguard in the Neighbourhood Planning process is the village referendum. The Plan must receive support from more than half of those voting for it to be passed. If more than 50% of those voting do not vote in favour, South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) cannot formally adopt the plan.

Without a Neighbourhood Plan, there will be a Presumption of approval on all planning application submitted. Given that 22 sites have been put forward, and as recently as January 2014, yet another proposal for 10 houses was applied for (refused because it was not specified in our plan), it is highly likely that many sites will submit planning applications, and this would lead to hundreds of extra houses in the village, with no say on when, where or who the houses are for.

The referendum is organised by SODC and all those living in the parish and on the electoral register will be entitled to vote. Official details on the SODC website

The referendum is carried out in the same way as an election. This means you can apply for a postal vote before March 19th, which can be just for the referendum, or for all futher elections.

Ironically the Conservative party sent out Pre-filled postal voting application forms on March 4th, which can be used for the European elections, or for ALL elections.

Alternatively you will receive a ballot card and you can vote at the village hall as normal.

The referendum will be held in the Village hall on Thursday 3rd April 2014. For further updates visit the SODC website.

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