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Working Groups

OWL - Our Woodcote Library

The OWL group was formed in 2010 in response to the County Council threatening to cut funding to the Woodcote Community Library. Our aim is to ensure that the library survives in as close to its current form as possible as a vital amenity and community hub for Woodcote and surrounding villages. While we raise money and organise events in support of the library, the OWL group and OWL's ‘Save Woodcote Library’ campaign are independent of the management or running of Woodcote Library. To join OWL, to participate in our events or sign the petition, or to find out more, please visit our website: www.ourwoodcotelibrary.org.uk.

Woodcote Conservation Group

The Woodcote Conservation Group is involved in maintaining and protecting the characteristic features of the village's environment, and in promoting awareness and appreciation of our local plants, creatures and habitats. We organise regular working-parties, help out with national and local surveys, and hold public talks on topics of local environmental interest. Visit our website www.woodcotecg.org.uk for more details.

Woodcote Education Advisory Group

The Advisory Group which prepared the Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan recognised the importance of education both as a key topic of interest to Woodcote residents, and as a major employer in the village. A number of current concerns about education, community and recreation facilities and services were set out in section 6 of the final Plan. The Advisory Group recognised that the topic needed further exploration following publication of the WNP.

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Woodcote Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Woodcote Neighbourhood Development Plan is a group of local volunteers representing all residents of the parish of Woodcote. Our goal is to produce a document that ensures any development in Woodcote over the next 15 years is in line with what we, the residents want. It will allow us to specify, as a community, when and where development takes place and the type, size and design of new developments.

Woodcote Sustainability Group

The Woodcote Sustainability Group (WSG) will work with local and national bodies to ensure that sustainability is given appropriate consideration in the work of the Parish Council and other groups within Woodcote, with organisations and groups that impact upon Woodcote, and with the people who live and work here.

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Woodcote Traffic Advisory Group

The Woodcote Traffic Advisory Group (W-TAG) will work in association with the relevant responsible bodies, such as the highways authority, local council and the police to recommend a traffic ‘master plan’ (WTP) to the Parish Council.

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