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Woodcote Education Advisory Group

The Advisory Group which prepared the Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan recognised the importance of education both as a key topic of interest to Woodcote residents, and as a major employer in the village. A number of current concerns about education, community and recreation facilities and services were set out in section 6 of the final Plan. The Advisory Group recognised that the topic needed further exploration following publication of the WNP.

In section 13.3 the WNP states ‘we believe that the future of the schools and the Reading Road area is both urgent and important and that a working group of interested parties should be established immediately to follow up these issues’

The proposed Advisory Group the WNP (section 13 p.46) proposed the following
‘This working group will operate in a manner similar to that of the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Group and:

  1. Be an informal, voluntary advisory group to the Parish Council;
  2. Be composed of interested parties, the relevant responsible bodies, residents, and some members of the Parish Council;
  3. Further investigate and consult upon the issues;
  4. Recommend solutions for ameliorating factors;
  5. Consult on proposals, and policies for the educational use of land in the village to enable the Parish Council to update the Neighbourhood Plan through the plan preparation procedure, scrutiny and a village referendum.’

The Groupís final report should identify current concerns and proposals for the long term provision of education and education related community services, including pre-school, primary school, secondary school, youth, adult (community), other related issues.

Work and Duration

The Group will consult and work with the managers and responsible organisations of the establishments and agencies which provide services, as well as seeking the views of Woodcote residents and other interested organisations. The Group may need to liaise with the other Woodcote Advisory Groups on, eg school related traffic and parking problems.

The Group should aim to provide a report within twelve months. The topic involved has, however, a high political and social profile, and with a general election in May and a possible change in Government and/or proposals for changes in national education policies, work beyond twelve months may be necessary.

Interested residents who wish to join this group should contact Bob Lewin 01491 680482 or the Parish Clerk.

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