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Woodcote Sustainability Group

The average person in the UK consumes the world’s resources at about 3-4 times the rate at which they can be regenerated. Across the globe, human beings as a whole exceeded the limit of sustainable resource use in the 1970s, and collectively use the earth's resources at 1.5 times the sustainable rate. The consequences of this include depletion of natural resources, habitat degradation and resulting loss of biological diversity, increasing numbers of extreme weather events and the developing risk of irreversible and catastrophic climate change. The scale and extent of the problem are such that it is difficult for individuals or small groups to be clear on what action they can, or ought to be taking in order to safeguard our planet for future generations.


The Woodcote Sustainability Group (WSG) will work with local and national bodies to ensure that sustainability is given appropriate consideration in the work of the Parish Council and other groups within Woodcote, with organisations and groups that impact upon Woodcote, and with the people who live and work here.

There are a number of ways which the WSG can promote this:

  1. Act as a focus for concerned individuals and groups within the village.
  2. Form effective and appropriate links with local and national groups or organisations promoting sustainability.
  3. Collect and publicise information about sustainability and the ways in which it impacts on daily life.
  4. Ensure that the village plan, and any further developments of or resulting from it, take into account sustainability in planning and execution.
  5. Perform sustainability audits for public buildings within Woodcote, and recommend actions where necessary.
  6. Derive reliable estimates for the environmental impact of Woodcote village; including that related to domestic and commercial buildings, travel and transport use, employment, food consumption.
  7. Consult on and set realistic targets for increasing sustainability of Woodcote, including a ‘carbon neutral’ target if appropriate and achievable.
  8. Research and recommend appropriate interventions, at all levels from individual up to whole village or wider.
  9. Research, apply for and publicise relevant sources of funding available to groups, organisations or individuals.
  10. Ensure that the Parish Council is aware of, and makes the most appropriate use of funds, to deliver an agreed, prioritised, time-phased group of interventions to improve the sustainability and environmental footprint of the village.
  11. Encourage groups and individuals to make use of available sources of funding in pursuit of increased sustainability.

In this context

  • appropriate means effective, economic and approved in principle by the relevant authorities;
  • an intervention is action taken to eliminate or reduce the severity of the problem;

WSG Duration

It is not possible at this point to specify an end date for the WSG.

Sustainability Group Membership

The WSG will consist of 8 – 10 members drawn from:

  • The Parish Council
  • The WNP Advisory Group
  • Residents
  • Where the group agrees, it may be of value to co-opt additional people from outside Woodcote onto the WSG

All members of the Parish Council have a right to attend meetings of the WSG, and meetings will be held in public to encourage attendance and reasoned participation of anyone living or working in Woodcote.

Relationship to the Parish Council

The WSG is an informal, voluntary, group whose purpose is to describe the problems in Woodcote and recommend solutions to the Parish Council. The WSG is not a sub-committee of the Parish Council nor is there any formal relationship between the Parish Council and the WSG.

Interested in joining this group contact Pete Sudbury 01491 681276 or the Parish Clerk.

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