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Woodcote Traffic Advisory Group

The response to the consultations undertaken for the Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) underlined residentsí enduring concerns about traffic congestion, speeding, parking and road safety in the village and recommended the immediate establishment of a working group to follow up these issues.


The Woodcote Traffic Advisory Group (W-TAG) will work in association with the relevant responsible bodies, such as the highways authority, local council and the police to recommend a traffic ‘master plan’ (WTP) to the Parish Council which will:

  1. locate and describe (type and severity) traffic problems in, and affecting, the parish;
  2. research and recommend appropriate interventions;
  3. assign a priority to each intervention;
  4. produce costed specifications for each intervention; and
  5. recommend an implementation sequence being alert to unintended consequences of gradual implementation.

In this context

  • appropriate means effective, economic and approved in principle by the relevant authorities;
  • an intervention is action taken to eliminate or reduce the severity of the problem;

WTP Duration

It is envisaged that the WTP would complement the WNP, run to 2027, and be reviewed alongside any review to the WNP.

Advisory Group Membership

The W-TAG will consist of 8-10 members drawn from:

  • The Parish Council
  • The WNP Advisory Group
  • Residents

All members of the Parish Council have a right to attend meetings of the W-TAG.

Relationship to the Parish Council

The W-TAG is an informal, voluntary, group whose purpose is to describe the traffic problems in Woodcote and recommend solutions to the Parish Council. The W-TAG is not a sub-committee of the Parish Council nor is there any formal relationship between the Parish Council and the W-TAG.

Interested in joining the group contact Geoff Botting 01491 681670 or the parish Parish Clerk.

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